Ways to Protect Yourself

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Ways to Protect Yourself

The first thing we ladies have to understand very clearly is the only way to protect yourself is self protection as mentioned by Athena Mira. So what is it that we can do to make sure that we can defend ourselves?wAYS TO PROTECT YOURSELF

1.Believe: – Have faith in yourself. You are not so weak; if you can deliver babies, you can surely protect yourself or your near and dear ones. The day you start feeling that you are weak then you will start believing that and then the circle of self pity will engulf you.

 2. Invest in training: – Going for self defense classes is a must. The need of the hour is to protect yourself and so you must invest the time, effort and money to train yourself. A few hours a day every week is more than enough. A few tricks to defend yourself can be the difference between a brutal rape and an escape.

 3. Invest in Self protection tools: – A pepper spray will cost just Rs. 200/-. It’s a potent tool to keep you safe or is good enough to buy you time to get away in case of an attack. This small can is easy to use and can be carried with ease in your hand bag.

 4. SOS or Vith you app: – The world of smartphones is really smart. Install these apps in your phone and if you press the power button twice and SMS along with your location will be sent to people who care about you. We all carry phones today and this app will have someone looking for you the minute the button is pressed twice.

 5. Safety pins: – A small ant can bring down the mighty elephant. In the same way a safety pin can be a deadly weapon. Since most of us do wear these pins you can use them to safe guard yourself. As far as the animal kingdom goes, there is a rule “go for the eye”. When in danger the prey will always try to take out the predator’s eye.

 6. Long nails: – Having long nails is also an asset. Use it to scratch your assailant.

 7. Put up a fight: – A rapist has himself said that they prefer easy preys. They don’t like girls who put up a fight and so give it your best shot when you have a chance and always keep your eyes open and escape at the first chance that you can find.

 8. Be sensible don’t venture out alone to lonely places: – All said and done men don’t get raped it’s us women who have to face this brutal crime. Be sensible and think twice about where you are going. Is it safe? Should you go out alone or call someone for help? Self protection is the only way and prevention is also a form of self protection.

 9. Keep others informed: – No matter where you go keep others informed. Sending a message before leaving and after reaching is a good habit. In your teens you may feel your parents are policing you but just remember Nirbhaya was not alone and she put up a fight but today she is no more. Life and death depends today on how safe you are.

10. Keep your parents in the loop always: – Parents can be irritating and strict but what is their motive behind all this. They want to know everything about you so that if you are in a fix they should be able to come and get you out. Looking out for their kids is not a crime but it surely has become a thankless job.  Keep your parents informed. Make them your friends and then watch life will be both fun and safe.

Rape harms us women in more ways that you can believe. The physical torture and the emotional one are both unbearable. Better safe than sorry is an old saying but it’s truly worth its weight in gold. Stay safe, think safe and  be safe.

Athena Visheshta

Nirbhaya – The brave soul has made sure that we all learn from her and stay safe. To read more try How has Nirbhaya affected us- The parent?Self protection- The need of the hour and Nirbhaya- The Aftermath.

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