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 Every second page of the newspaper is colorful and covered with advertisements. Oh yes! All These Women’s day Special articles, offers, sales etc. These women first of all fight for equal rights, are always demanding something or the other and now they have a day dedicated for them not to forget all the pampering that goes with it. It is all just hype to create attraction and as though they cease to be women the rest of the year.WE DESERVE IT ALL

           My dear Athenas these are the thoughts that occur in a man’s mind as March 8th is here. While they seem to be fretting over their misconceived notions it is high time that we enlighten them and open up their minds.

         First of all one must understand that if we have Children’s day it does not mean that our children are not special the rest of the year or if there is a World Cancer Day it doesn’t mean that we aren’t aware the rest of the year. The idea behind dedicating a day for a specific cause or group of people is to reiterate the significance, awareness, importance and carry these sentiments through the year.

              The fact that the UNITED NATIONS has dedicated March 8th as International Women’s day shows that the world has finally woken up and acknowledged the importance of women, recognize their contribution to society and involve them in decision making process and leadership roles. This global recognition I believe is the greatest achievement of every single woman irrespective of race, color or creed.

               The journey from being a timid victim to a courageous fighter has never been smooth and for ages women have fought and are still fighting against the patriarchal nature of society. The struggles are enormous but she has come out successful because of her talent, multitasking ability and perseverance. In every sphere be it at home or outside a woman’s contribution and presence has added value and the world has realized that this value addition is a major factor in development. Today globally it is understood that no nation can develop till its women have progressed and that is why the motto set by UN for this year’s International Women’s Day is EQUALITY FOR WOMEN IS PROGRESS FOR ALL.

                     So dear women let us be proud of ourselves before anyone else. This is our day when once again across the globe we are specially recognized, cherished and rewarded for being what we are and what we have contributed. To add to this if there are fabulous offers, great sales, super discounts is spas or restaurants, outings etc. We are worth it all and of course WE DESERVE IT ALL.

Athena Mira

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4 Responses

  1. aamjunta says:

    Women deserve 1000 times more than what is being given to them. This should start from our home, and then only things will change.

    Well written post. Thanks.

  2. Chandra Srikanth says:

    Interesting argument on why we deserve a special day to celebrate women. Made for a very good read!

  3. Indrani says:

    Yes! We deserve it!
    Beautiful inspiring post!

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