What Causes Disabilities?

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What Causes Disabilities?

WHAT CAUSES DISABILITIESA little boy was born in village with a four inch long tail. Even though he is born to a Muslim family this kid is being worshipped by Hindus and people are calling him an incarnation of Hanuman. A lot of kids are born with defects but do we accept them easily? Athenas let me ask you, do you believe that it’s always the newborns fault that he or she has been born with some disability.

Certain disabilities are caused by nature and that is something that you and me cannot avoid or help. Still there are quite a few factors which are in our control that can reduce this sort of birth defects. Yes, major responsibility lies with the mother. If she has bad addictions like alcohol then the child is sure to have birth defects. Another factor is smoking, which causes cancer to the smoker and can cause more harm to the baby as well. Kids who have been exposed to a lot of cigarette smoke can face all sorts of breathing troubles. Let’s not forget that if the mother has aids it affects the baby too and this is one birth defect with which you cannot live.

Infections during pregnancy also cause disabilities in kids. While some infections like rubella are very serious, it’s always best to consult a doctor. No matter what the ailment let a doctor see you and then prescribe you the medications. A lot of defects in babies are also caused by eating medicines which are harmful to the baby. Medicines given for treating epilepsy are known to have caused defects in newborns.

Genetics is also what makes a person normal or abnormal. Certain genetic disorders are transferred from the parents. Some of this is hereditary too. At times there have been cases of perfectly healthy parents passing on only one chromosome with a glitch causing disabilities as well. People say love is blind. It is this blind love that has led many people to get married to their own first cousins. This is a practice which is allowed in some states but it is not considered healthy. The number of kids born with mental disabilities or physical disabilities is higher when you are married to a close relative. This factor is something which a lot of people do not know about, especially those who are not educated. Marriage inside relatives is practiced so that there will be no give and take of dowry and the parent feels that their kid is safe being in a relative’s house.

There are other causes too like the mother being exposed to radiation while being pregnant and so and so forth. Not all of these factors are under our control. If you want to have a normal and healthy baby you need the grace of God and the power of education. Avoid anything that can harm your baby. Life for a person with special needs is not easy, let’s not complicate it any further.

Athena Visheshta

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  1. badrinath_t says:

    truly is the mother is not proper then lots of problems for the kids. Very vital that you marry a girl who is very careful about her health.

  2. diana says:

    Only the girl? As I understand it, half of the chromosomes constitute a babys dna comes from the father. If a child is born with genetic defects the father is equally responsible and so both parties need to be careful.

  3. Aadhya says:

    Rather than matching horoscopes, medical records should be matched.

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