What Happens When Water Gets Wild?

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What Happens When Water Gets Wild?

The five elements and women is what is the theme for this week. Most of us feel that water is very calm and one of the most vital ingredients for the survival of mankind. Well, so are women. But what happens when you push them to such a state where a woman or nature turns back to say ENOUGH. This is a straight from the heart post about water because I have experienced this.


My Son in law swimming against the current.

It happened on 1st Dec 2015. We had gone to church early morning and little did we know what God had in store for us. Our house is in Defence colony at Ekatuthangal. We have a duplex house with one bed room on top. Top bedroom is mine and both the down bedrooms are for my mother-in-law and mother.  I affectionately call them stubborn babies.  We have a pet too. Our house owner aunty also stays in the ground floor with one door to separate her house from ours.

As usual I slept around 11 pm after watching the heavy rains. For safe side I kept few good decorative things in the house at an elevated place. Since Whatsapp messages came there will be heavy rains so stock your house with eatables, so we had also got prepared and stocked our fridge and other snack containers. Around 1.30 am my husband woke me up after he came out of the wash room telling he could hear some panicking sound from the neighborhood. So I immediately got up and my hubby peeped from the window to see outside, he said OMG there is so much water outside and it has entered our house too, there was about 2 feet water by then.

We rushed down to the ground floor and woke up both the mummies, owner aunty and took them to the top floor and left them there and we ran downstairs to take more things. God is great so he gave us presence of mind so we carried snacks, water, fruits, medicines, cell phones, torch lights, emergency lamps and left it on top. Then again we rushed and took some important items like our computer and other gadgets and put it in the loft. Then we carried our big television and kept it upstairs. By then water came to chest level then we could not come down. Soon the inverter died and the phone net work failed leaving us totally isolated.

Then we all slept there in the top floor and got up the next day morning  (Dec 2nd) , and instantly checked the water level and found that it was half way up the stairs to the first floor and still rising, so we shifted to the passage way near the terrace which has very little space to sit. We managed to fit 3 plastic chairs and stayed there for the whole day and night. By the afternoon there was more than 14 feet of water and just one step short of the terrace passage. Due to shortage of space one or two of us had to remain on the terrace using an umbrella and my husband being ex army and used to giving out loud commands in the parade ground utilized this asset to talk to the neighbors, find out their welfare and cheer them up also. On 3rd morning we were still surviving on fruits and snacks. Our neighbor came up with a wonderful idea of breaking the modas in her house and making fire and they cooked rice, chapatis and black tea. It was so tasty … tastier than the food in a seven star hotel!!!!!. We saw a helicopter hovering around but of no help as it was not a rescue chopper.

Suddenly we saw three swimmers swimming in our location against the current floating and helping people. Then we saw someone floating against current struggling to reach us.  We were so surprised and touched to see my son-in-law risking his life to come see us. It was so difficult to reach us and somehow with the help of the rescuers he managed to reach us and we gave him some black tea and he went back. After that I was not worried about the floods but I was more  worried whether he would have gone back safely or not. Then again he came back with food for us in his back pack, this time there was no one to help him and the water was flowing very roughly so he could not reach us, so he left the food bag in the neighbor’s house terrace and went back.  We were praying that he should reach safely back. The flow of the water was so fast that there were many houses where parked cars had been pushed by the water. Lots of huge trees had been uprooted and even compound walls had completely been broken. Water was on a rampage and was just pushing and shoving anything in her way.

On Dec 3rd evening around 5 pm the rescue boat had come and it was a herculean task to bring both the mummies from the terrace to the sun shade then to the car down below and then on a plank which led to the boat. By this time the water was down to 9 feet. My husband stayed back with our pet and we went in the first rescue boat.

In the mean time my son who is in the army rushed from Delhi and came to Bangalore and rushed to the air force station and managed a helicopter and he came and dropped food to my husband and others in that area. Then the army boat came and everyone along with my pet reached safely to a particular point near the military hospital and then we went to my daughter’s house.  My daughter in law also reached Chennai within a couple of days.

I have seen my children’s love to a particular limit. But all four of my children {daughter, son with their spouses} went out of their way to take care of us and made us bounce back to normal life. My two grandchildren were so happy that we had come to stay with them that they gave their room for us to stay. We all (10 of us) … four generations celebrated Christmas together.

Water destroyed my house completely, wrecked havoc everywhere. Think about it why did this happen? Are we responsible. The answer is yes. Nature should be respected and given her space. Its the same with women. No wonder women and water have so much in common.

 Today we are back in our house and all I can say to you all is, Count your many blessing name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done. You can click on the link given here to see the amount of water and you can also see my husband stand outside our home on the roof holding the umbrella. The chennai 2015 floods  opened my eyes in many ways, above all showing me the love of family.

Athena Sheela

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