What Pulls Us Up????

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What Pulls Us Up????

Since the last week we have been discussing about certain simple things that can be followed to change the gender inequality that we have in our country. What pulls us down is SELF PITY so what is it that can pull us up? Now let’s not go back and again look at the men folk to give us a helping hand. The power has and always has been within us. If you want it bad enough you will get it and in the same way if you wish to lead a more gender bias free life then you have to be the first to help yourself.

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Stop Being the Doormat! These were words spoken to me by one of our star bloggers. It’s not about bending and giving way to others always, you have to stand up for yourself and that can be done only when you have SELF ESTEEM and SELF RESPECT. Value yourself, these are two little words but it is vital for our mental health. So what we are going to do today is as suggested by one of our readers and well known Blogger Saru Singhal and that is we are going to acknowledge all our achievements and give ourselves a nice pat on our backs.

  1. If you are married congrats you are putting up with someone who is your absolute opposite, give yourself a pat on your back.
  2. If you are not married, congrats you are handling life alone and doing it the way you want, give yourself a pat on your back.
  3. If you are studying, give yourself a pat on your back, you are a scholar.
  4. If you have finished studying, give yourself a pat on your back you have a degree to credit you of your accomplishment.
  5. If you are a mother give yourself a pat on your back you are doing the toughest job in the word.
  6. If you are a housewife, give yourself a pat on your back, you are handling the most challenging portfolio in the world.
  7. If you are a working lady give yourself a pat on your back, you are juggling and that too successfully more tasks than what most men can handle.
  8. If you are a daughter in law give yourself a big pat on your back, there is no man in the world who could handle this task better than you.
  9. If you are a mother in law give yourself a pat on your back, it’s a lousy job but it is an important one on the whole for the betterment of the family.
  10. If you are a working lady or a housewife, a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter in law and a blogger, give yourself a pat on the back and take a bow because you are truly taking multi tasking to new and unimaginable heights.

Every vehicle needs fuel to move and in the same way we women need a little appreciation, a pat on the back, a wink, a kiss, a hug or just plain acknowledgement that we are valuable in our own sweet way. All our male readers please take note, we don’t need a medal or a trophy but few sweet words from you and we will start our day with a full tank of fuel.

Once you feel that you are special and have that confidence in you, then there are no hurdles that are going to deter you, then you can face any challenge all guns blazing as you know that you have the fire power within you and that’s the ability to be YOU.

Athena Visheshta

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8 Responses

  1. Saru Singhal says:

    I am feeling blessed, thanks for the mention. Though, on second thought, I feel thanks is not enough.

    Yes, always take time to savor your achievements, no matter how small they are.

    And hugs from my side to kick start your day :)

  2. shee_shee12345 says:

    A big hug to you too and thank-you for the idea. :)

  3. Indrani says:

    Well compiled. I need to give a pat on my back for several reasons. :)

  4. lalitha says:

    Feeling good about yourself is very important to be happy and self motivation is the biggest and most important motivation you need.

  5. Aadhya says:

    Athena Visheshta – please give yourself a pat on your back from my side for writing this wonderful piece.

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