Where Dreams Come True

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Where Dreams Come True

It is a Saturday and I am working. Once a month I work on Saturdays.

A close relative of mine and me were discussing about dating yesterday. This is what came to my mind.

Image Courtesy Google

Image Courtesy Google

I happened to visit a mall during Valentine’s Day. It was like a scene from a movie, red roses spreading their fragrance everywhere, aromatic chocolates teasing everyone’s taste palate and romantic music oozing out of the speakers was seducing the lovers out there. The shops trying to make hay while the sun was shining, so many Valentine’s Day offers were announced to tempt the lovers to buy their wares.

Wherever I looked I saw only couples walking hand in hand, with a drink in their hand and the girls had chocolates or flowers or some gifts clutched close to them. They were so wrapped in one another that, us, the mere mortals seized to exist for them.

May be you think I am jealous of them who are out on a date with their partners. I am not jealous people, trust me. After twelve years of marriage, with two kids who are always under foot and a demanding career, my idea of dating is not spend the time in the mall or a movie theatre or a restaurant folks. My dream date is something entirely different.

My day starts when the alarm rudely wakes me up from a lovely dream from which I hate to wake up. Then the marathon starts and it’s a race between the clock and my cookers. While I am racing against the time in the kitchen my husband will have a race with the iron box and trying to get the children into the bathroom.  Then a hurried breakfast, gather the lunch boxes and then with a hurried hug everyone out of the house by 7.15. Then come home at around 5’o clock in the evening, get the snacks ready for the children, clean the house, get the dinner ready and prepare for the next day’s work. It is 7 in the evening, darling husband comes home , spends some time with the children, have dinner and fall into bed exhausted at around 10 in the night. To top it as I said I work one Saturday in the month. Usually on Saturdays, we take them to their respective classes as husband is working on Saturday also and Sundays everyone pitches in to clean up the house and then take the children out.

 Phew!!!!! Where is the time for dating?

Wait let me get back to home and continue our little chat. I don’t want to talk while I drive.


Where were we?  Where is the time for dating?

If I had to go on a date what will I do?

The children are not there in the house, they decide to have a sleep over in my mother’s place. I would prefer to dress up in a comfortable dress that I really like and stay with my guy in the house!

To have the home just to ourselves without the children running around, arguing, squabbling, playing or loving you to distraction. Imagine the silence, where we could sit in compatible silence.

I would like to lounge in the sofa with him, with his arms around me and my head on his shoulders. I would love to spend the time just chatting with him, not about whether the children ate or did they have a fight or the other usual things that we do, but about things that really touched you that day or in any other day which I have shared with him. I would like to share with him things that brought a smile and anger to my face that day and may be love to hear the same things from him. (If he does not want to talk fine with me; he can just listen)

If he wants to watch a program on the Television, I can enjoy it too sitting in the circle of his arms feeling loved and cherished for, while his hands gently stroke my hair.

Dinner? I would not want to go out any where fancy to have dinner as we tend to go out and eat a lot with our children. Dinner would involve preparing something simple together in the kitchen, where again we get to be together without having to share the precious time that we get even with the waiter in a restaurant. May be after having the simple meal (with or without conversation) I want to get back to that sofa where I can once again sit with him, his arms around me.

I would like to watch a movie with him as the movies that we watch are usually only appropriate for the children. May be there is a nice movie being screened in one of the English channels or we can pick out a CD from our collection and watch. And may be later………….

The basic idea is to spend quality time together alone it could be very well be at home where we can be with each other without having to worry about other’s eyes on us.

Just a minute my phone is ringing……………”Ok dear no problem.”

Guess what? My children are having a sleep over at my mother’s place. So may be my dream date is a possibility! I am off to call my husband….

Athena Chaitanya

 All of us have dreams and I am sure that most of you have dreams about your dream date too, to take a walk with dream dates read A walk by the seaTantalizing hug, and A rainy date.

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6 Responses

  1. shee_shee12345 says:

    Any lady who has kids will surely be able to relate to this post, sometimes peace and quiet matter the most. A chance to behave like adults and hang out like adults is a rare luxury. Hope your dream date turns into reality soon and not just once many times.

  2. Harsha says:

    Nice One..I see you have lots of Dream Dates.. :-)
    And I wish that all your Dream Dates come true…Love is always in the air even if we are within the four walls we just need to feel it.. :-)

    • shee_shee12345 says:

      Its the season for dating, rains, pleasant climate and then there are dates in all age groups just trying to get all flavours in.

  3. aamjunta says:

    Sooooo romantic :) Very well narrated.

    I am now dreaming about my dream dates.

  4. Chaitanya says:

    Yes, Romance is in the air. We can find romance in our daily life. Everyone is entitled to have a dream date and hope it comes true for everyone, often.

  5. diana says:

    Ya, lounging around at home with your better half with no kids to interrupt for a little while atleast does seem romantic.

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