Where is the time to breathe?

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Where is the time to breathe?

sUPER LADYThe alarm clock beeps 4:45 AM; she wakes up has a look and sets an alarm for 15 minutes later. She turns in her bed but is unable to sleep, she gradually starts thinking about what all needs to be done and how she is going to go about it. It’s not yet five but she gets out of her bed, turns off the alarm and puts her phone on charge.

The first switch to come on is for the motor to start filling water; the geyser is switched on too. The door and curtains are opened. She rushes to the door, fetches the milk packets and puts them to boil. Once that is done she rushes to the toilet before 5.30 she is all dressed.

One by one the kids are woken up; they are provided with hot milk and made to read for a while. Breakfast and lunch preparation is done at the same time. At sharp 7.15 the elder kid is being given a bath, at 7. 30 little one is being scrubbed. Eight in the morning and both kids are ready for school in clean well ironed uniforms. The dining table is set and the kids are having their breakfast. One of the kids spills the milk; another one wants to be fed. She quickly makes a wakeup call to her husband with a hot cup of coffee and sweet good morning kiss. The table is clean again both kids have finished breakfast. She gets back from the kitchen to find both haven’t had their water, instantly two glasses of water are following the kids where ever they go. She checks the school bags once more and then their lunch bags too. A few minutes later both the kids have boarded their school buses.

She gets back, hands over the much awaited newspaper to her husband. At 8.30AM sharp he gets out of the bathroom to find his clothes neatly lay out on the bed. By 9am both of the leave the house. She finishes her hectic day of work and gets back home at 2.45 just a few minutes before the kids arrive. By 3pm the house is a mess, clothes strewn about, shoes lying here and there, bags thrown randomly. She sets out to work instantly. By 3.15 both kids are looking neat and clean and enjoying their lunch. Preparations for the evening are made and by 4 she is out again with the kids. After their music class, she takes them to the park.

A quick talk with the ladies in the park which is a major stress buster is enjoyed. She turns around to find that by 6 both her kids are looking like dirt bags. Another scrub session is followed by milk and snacks. The homework and extra studies runs till 8. In between this she welcomes her husband and gives him his coffee, snacks etc. The next she is in the kitchen making dinner. He clothes are drenched in sweat. By 9pm the kitchen is clean, dinner is over and she heads to the bathroom for a quick shower and change. She tells stories to her kids and then tucks them in. Next she has a chat with her husband spends some quality time with him and the next thing she knows is the 4.45AM alarm is ringing.

Does this schedule sound familiar? Well, it’s not a celebrity’s schedule, it’s yours. Most ladies are up early in the morning and are working till late in the night. Those who are home makers and house wives have extra work including grinding masalas, cleaning up everything (mostly without any domestic help), visiting the bank, paying bills, shopping for groceries, preparing for school projects and other festivals.

Now what’s the one thing we don’t do ladies????? WE DO NOT VALUE OURSELVES. Just look at your schedule, where is the time to breathe or take a break. So, do not look at yourselves and feel worthless. Every morning give yourself and pat on the back and every night repeat the same. When it comes to multi tasking, there is no one who can beat us. The next time someone asks you what you do, just answer well I am SUPER LADY and my job is to give Superman an inferiority complex.

Athena Visheshta

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  1. sreenivasan says:

    Few Super ladies. Give your self a pat on your back wish the so called stronger sex in your home also do the same a few words of appreciation. To keep the SUPER LADY running…….

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