Why Do Women Like To Dress Up?

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Why Do Women Like To Dress Up?


It’s known to one and all and that is the fact that women love to dress up. For this they spend a lot of time looking after themselves and then spend a lot of money buying clothes and accessories.  Ask a lady and she will tell you that when she dresses up she feels nice. A bout of happiness occurs every time you wear something new. A smile comes on your face and you begin to glow from within when someone compliments you.

Is that all that is there to dressing up. A friend of mine says that we women dress up ONLY TO ENTICE MEN. Now let’s look into this a little bit more. Is this statement entirely wrong? – NO. Is this statement entirely correct? – NO. Many of you must be thinking what’s wrong with me but just be patient and read along and see what my point here is.

I do feel that a lot of us dress up to catch the attention of not all men but the ones we like. Whether its office or college surely walking in like a slob is something that none of us do. So, is it wrong to dress up? Or why is needed to dress up?

Look at any matrimonial advertisement and the answer is staring right at you in the faces. Not every girl is blessed with killer looks. If she doesn’t dress up and look pretty, most of you guys will not even turn around and look at them. Is there any man who wants to marry and short, chubby, dark girl. The answer is another big NO. Every man wants his life partner or girl friend to look good.

Look at all the girls who haven’t got married yet and you will find similarities, she is too thin, too short, too tall, has a dark complexion, is on the heavier side, has teeth that are protruding out, has a scar on her face, the list just goes on and on. Is there anyone looking at the girl actually? The only thing noticed is the outward appearance. Who takes the time to look beyond the looks and see that she is a great human, probably a topper, extremely good singer or cook?

My question to all you men, who feel that if a girl dresses up and some guys misbehaved with her then it’s the girl’s fault- If dressing up is the girls fault, isn’t it because of you that they are forced to dress up. Girls are molested and raped irrespective of what they are wearing. Whether it’s a saree or jeans, it’s not how we wear it that matters, its how you look at us.

A brother protects his sister, a father would do anything to keep his little girl safe, why can’t the same father imbibe in his son that no girl should be teased or touched without her consent. Why can’t each boy think and respect all girls as they too are someone’s sister.

The day men stop looking for only beautiful girls to marry is the day when you can expect girls to not be worried about their looks and concentrate on the bigger better things in life.

Don’t worry about what men feel , all you pretty ladies out there, dress up to your heart’s content, feel happy and be happy and spread the happiness around.

Athena Visheshta

The more you read the more will you learn about how this social evil is killing the freedom that we girls deserve. Read more with He looked at meBrutal murder of innocence and Zip it or we shall cut it.

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