Why Should You Change Tyres Once It Reaches The TWI Mark?

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Why Should You Change Tyres Once It Reaches The TWI Mark? 


When you buy a tyre the depth of the tread is about 8 mm. When you place a five rupee coin inside it you will not be able to see the word INDIA written on the outer ring. With usage it’s the tread which rubs against the road and gradually the tread begins to wear away.

In each brand of tyre they have something called the TWI mark which TWI stands for Tread Wear Indicator. twiWhen you see that the tread depth has depleted and has reached this mark; it’s time to change tyres. If you are not able to find the TWI its okay just pick up a five rupee coin. Trust me it’s a very useful coin when it comes to tyres. Now put it inside the tread, if you can see INDIA written on the outer ring, it’s time for a change.

Now, many of you will say why change it so fast I can see the groves in the tread still. When your tyre reaches this mark it will still grip the road, when it is dry. The same tyre will be unable to grip the road if there is thin film of water between the tyre and the road. This is also called Aquaplaning. This is a major reason why you will find that world over there are more accidents when you have rains. Skidding and improper control during rains is a killer and so it’s recommended you change to a new set of tyres.

If your tyre has depleted further and is below the TWI mark then you will have no grip whether it is dry or if it’s raining. This means you are driving with your life in your hands. Taking risk with money is a different thing but taking a risk with life is surely not worth it.

This is the primary reason why when you buy tyres at XL Tyre Point they keep your safety first. Make sure that while picking tyres you keep the safety of your loved ones and you as priority, followed by car handling. It’s vital that the car respond to your reflexes and that too at the earliest. Next factor to consider is fuel efficiency, especially now that prices of fuel are touching the sky. The next factor to weigh is your comfort. If you keep on straining while driving you are going to have back and neck issues at the earliest. Plus your car too will have similar issues with its suspension. The tyre should take off the major jolt and not transfer it to the car or you. The last is tyre life; you definitely would want to invest in a brand where you can be rest assured that you are getting tyre life long enough to match your investment.

For any doubts and tyre enquiry please contact XL Tyre Point, they are the tyre specialists in South India. When we say tyre experts it’s because they have over three decades of experience and have one of the most successful tyre retail outlets chain. Wishing you a happy and safe driving this is me signing off.

Athena Visheshta

For more on tyres try XL Tyre Point.

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