Women’s Day and Our Expectations from the Government

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Women’s Day and Our Expectations from the Government

The women’s day week just went by and every politician and every news channel spoke about empowerment of women. I did feel nice when I heard it but then I knew that this is far from reality.WOMENS DAY AND OUR EXPECTATIONS FROM THE GOVT

Before starting on the subject of women’s expectation from the present Government, I would like to point out the pathetically low number of women who choose to exercise their franchise.  It’s like not having the basic ingredients for the recipe and expecting the dish to be delicious.  So every woman should make it a point to vote for the right candidate who can take a stand on issues and do something worthwhile.

The key issue today is to provide enough security for working women, because of the advent of call center jobs nowadays; women tend to work late nights which make them very vulnerable to crimes.  So having proper police patrolling at all times during night and check points in deserted areas can provide relief to working women.

The next thing which affects women in general is price rise.  Price rise of petro products leads to increase in other essential commodities.  Government providing subsidies is no solution to this problem.  The pressure is on the female community to provide a well balanced diet for the family in spite of increasing budget cut.

The third issue is to make Education Compulsory for the girl child.  This provides a strong foundation for the girl who can use this knowledge in housekeeping as well as at workplace.  An educated girl educates the entire family and also knows to fight for her rights.

Providing equal status for women has always been a bone of contention between political parties.  A few errant public figures have even gone to say that women are only fit for household chores. We need more women Mayors, legislators and administrators who have the perspicacity to understand the needs of modern women.

The worst affected in India are the women belonging to rural areas.  Being uneducated they neither know their rights nor have the will to fight the wrongs done against them.  Being the victims of child marriage, being young mothers and facing untold miseries due to the lack of medical facilities, they calmly accept it as a way of life.  So providing medical centers exclusively for women should be made compulsory in the rural areas which are cut off from the modern medical facilities available in cities.

There is no denying that there are better laws now to protect women.  Implementing the law which makes it a crime for marrying underage girls should be enforced as it is rampant even today.

Think about these issues before you cast your vote. Don’t you look at the gold bangle a million times before you purchase it? In the same way look at all these issues, think about it seriously and then cast your vote.

Surely there were a lot of offers, discounts and sales on for us women the entire week. Is there anyone who can take this up not for just a week? Is there anyone who can actually give us the guarantee of safety this Women’s day? Is there anyone who can make our life a little bit easier by providing us with the gift of education?

There is that someone and it is YOU.

Athena Shafee

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4 Responses

  1. ayesha says:

    Women are the assets in every family. And with like anything precious, they should be given the maximum security. Only then the true potential of the female population will come to the fore. Nice work, shafi.

  2. shee_shee12345 says:

    Women’s day has surely sparked some new thoughts. Lets see if there are any politicians who are actually doing some thing about it or are they just going to use the word women empowerment to attract some votes?

  3. mira says:

    nice points to ponder about and true its responsibility of every woman to cast her vote before expecting results.

  4. Indrani says:

    Nobody reveals their real intentions before elections, it is difficult to judge the contestants as they keep changing parties too.
    Yet one shouldn’t stop casting votes. I think one must make an effort to have one to one meet with contestants before elections and see how they react to various demands from people.

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