Women’s Day – Let’s Celebrate!!!!

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Women’s Day – Let’s Celebrate!!!!

Wow!!! Aadhya seems to be on a thinking spree today!! Oh by the way, happy Women’s Day to all of you out there. So, on this day dedicated especially to all of us ladies, let’s think and introspect a little bit (Oops, think, that word again!!!). What I have come to realize in recent times is this. International Women’s Day, which was originally established to celebrate the achievements of women and honor our contributions, has now become yet another means of propaganda in this country.


Come election time, the country’s leaders shout themselves hoarse talking about women’s empowerment, women’s safety, blah, blah, blah, but when it comes to passing the women’s bill, I wonder where they vanish off to. And as for bringing in amendments to legislations concerning crimes against women, well the less said, the better.

As for Aadhya’s concerns over the role of Indian women in politics, I totally agree with her. Several enterprising women I know, who can be called visionaries in their own right, would like to run for office and try to make a difference. But as long as there are people desiring to use them as pawns, they are not interested in coming forward.

And as for the issues of crimes against women and women’s safety, I’m seriously disillusioned. Let me explain. Still, women are being blamed for every crime against them, be it minor or major. It’s the women who are being penalized in the name of preventing crimes. Issuing edicts on what women can and cannot wear is a good example. Questioning a victim of a violent crime as to why she had gone out at a particular time or why she had gone somewhere unaccompanied is not just insensitive, but downright foolish.

When all this is happening, my question is this: What exactly are we celebrating on March the 8th???? Enlighten me please.


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13 Responses

  1. mira says:

    let each woman celebrate being herself and what she has achieved. that itself is true spirit of this day. as for the issues the fight will continue and we should be part of it.

  2. shee_shee12345 says:

    Agree with Mira, there is still so much to celebrate. The fights are something that we will have to carry on for a very long time but then today we can relax and enjoy and treat ourselves too goodies and goodness.

  3. matheikal says:

    Happy Women’s Day, Athena… May your dreams for women come true.

  4. aamjunta says:

    Happy women’s day. We just celebrate this day year after year and I do not see any improvement in terms of safety, life, and identity for a majority of women in the society. I am not blaming any one, just wondering why do we take it so casual and where is it leading for? Lets hope for a change …

  5. This is the first post on this blog whose title itself has let me down.
    Although the post itself is quite matter-of-fact, I have a problem with the title. Women’s day? Really? Why?
    I believe that by celebrating International Women’s Day, we are automatically designating the minority position to women. We are degrading them to being those who need to be protected, like World Wildlife Day or something or the other.
    What needs to be understood is that the day we stop being so NICE to women on their ‘SPECIAL’ days and start letting them occupy their rightful place all 365 days, THAT will truly be an International Women’s day.

    • Diana says:

      WELL SAID. I take my hat off for that one, Brandon. You’ve stolen the words from my mouth (or should I say keyboard). I wish there were more like you out there. I hope we at athenastake can be catalysts who can bring about that kind of change in mindset

  6. Indrani says:

    It disappoints me too, the day comes and goes, nothing concrete is being done.
    We HAVE to stand up for ourselves.
    The point expressed very strongly here and I liked that.

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