Women’s Day

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Women’s Day

Hmmm………….. so here is the day dedicated to us. Hmmm………… I am thinking and deeply thinking and now sinking in my own thoughts.WOMENS DAY

What thoughts???? I think I better keep them to myself. BUT on second thought I think you all need to think over my thoughts irrespective of whether you like them or not. Whoops!!!!! That was quite some thought.

Okay no more thoughts and thinking, let’s talk. It’s International Women’s Day and it will pass as just another day for me with the routine mumbo jumbo of life. Maybe I will go out but not before fretting over potholes that break my heart since they hurt my car. Ouch.  Then more probably than not some ‘Since I am out on my Chariot Bike/ Car I am the King and you move aside the moment I honk even if it’s a traffic jam/ red light’ fellow will test my patience. Someone with a sick mind will ogle at me as if they have never seen a girl and so find my physical attributes weird and may even make some smarta** comments which will definitely get them into trouble, me being me.

OMG!!!!! So much for being a woman. I think (I know I am thinking a lot today) the best way to deal with all these issues is that I jump into politics and reach a position with the authority to make rules and kick some a**. But aren’t there are women already holding such positions??? Yes, but how many???? And do they really have a free hand for bringing a change????

I mean, it’s been more than 60 years since we became free and the number of politicians has increased exponentially. But where are the women??? Okay, I know there are a few and then a pending reservation bill is there and all. Now there are 2 points in this last sentence – already existing women leaders and future of women in Indian politics.

Let’s talk (see, now I am talking not thinking) about the existing ones first. I did some research into it few months back after I came across an article in a leading national daily on the same. And I realized that of all those women who are in politics today only a few are really working. For rest there is always a father, brother, husband, son behind, no no no no no, beside their chair in their own office who does everything and the dutiful daughter, sister, wife, mother puts her stamp without even knowing the details. Interesting, to say the least.

Now comes the future part – how many women who are educated (not related to degrees of course), independent and can bring a change, are willing to enter politics? Sorry, I do know a few who fit the description but none of them are willing to jump into this mud hole. Yes, I had a talk with them and even to one who did jump in and then regretted it and then quit. Because when she jumped in there were hordes of men supporting her but ultimately made their motive very clear – I can and will use your being a woman as USP and rule as per my will while using you as a license and stamp (not a self inking modern one but an old fashioned one where I will function as the stamp pad as you are a woman so not allowed to do anything SELF).



Come this March 8th and we are celebrating women’s day, lets take time to read more about women with real strength, A tribute to the Iron LadyOprah- The first lady when it comes to media and Helen Keller – The one who paved the way to light.



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2 Responses

  1. mira says:

    these issues are never ending aadhya but as I mentioned there are times when we need to show everyone out there that this day specially for us is well deserved and has also highlighted our importance and issues we face.

  2. shee_shee12345 says:

    There are points to think about, a lot more to strive for in the year ahead but still there are many reasons to enjoy this day and celebrate womanhood. The fact that we are all together working from different places for the same cause itself is reason to enjoy this day.

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