Would you like to marry a house husband?

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Would you like to marry a house husband?

house husbandAsked this question to many women and I am yet to find one who says yes. What’s wrong in getting married to a house husband? Why is it so bad that no one wants this at all? To clear all this confusion I asked a number of women what sort of a man they wanted? The answers were someone who is smarter than me, someone who is making a lot of money, someone whom I can look up too and so on and so forth. So, what I understand is that we women want our man to be more than what we are. This now brings me to another question. Who is increasing gender discrimination the men or us women?????

Time to open our eyes ladies and inspect our mindset and our thinking. We are looking for better things in life and what about the men? They are more than happy marrying housewives; why? When you are a house wife you tend to depend on your husband for all your needs, emotional, physical, financial, psychological etc. Physical needs both parties have and it balances out. Financial needs of the housewife can be met if she is really smart at budgeting and not a shopaholic; so this issue too is nothing much.

The two vital issues are your emotional and psychological needs. This is where we women fail. Often we get into a self pity mode. More than often we fall into the “I am totally useless” mode. In other words we just get depressed and feel low. This depression and feeling low is okay and is handle able if it’s for a few minutes. Problem is we women start with few minutes but then with years we just make it a part of our lives.

Let’s not blame men for our downfall. We have to get up, look at our mistakes, make the right changes, make sure that we don’t make these mistakes again and hit the progress button in our lives. I am not saying that any man who wants a house wife is wrong. If the girl loves to stay at home and be a house wife; everything is cool. Clipping a girl’s wings who wants to fly and touch the sky is wrong. All of us have a right to go after our dreams just as long as we can strike a balance between dreams and our families. This goes for the men folk too. Making money can be done by any party but being a good father or spouse can only be done by you.

Which brings me back to my original question? Think about it ladies and let me hear your thoughts.

Athena Visheshta

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3 Responses

  1. badrinath_t says:

    I believe men prefer house wives so that they can concentrate on their work and let the house wife handle the home. Any man who is plain useless will be the one who may want to become a house husband. With the amount of ego we men have I still have my doubts as to do we have any in India.

  2. Aadhya says:

    With the male ego, yes i agree that most man will prefer to go out and be the bread winner.
    Last night i was watching a show in which a new track has been introduced that of a family where the husband is a work from home hubby and wife goes to office.

    An interesting watch and i cant wait to see how the track unfolds.

  1. April 30, 2013

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