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Most men believe that ladies and cars do not go together and that is why when it comes to cars and tyres it’s only the men folk who take decisions. Well Athenas, it’s time to switch gears.

The first and foremost thing to remember is that the tyre is not just a rubber circle, it’s an engineering marvel and there are a whole lot of ingredients involved in the making of a tyre. Some of these ingredients are steel plies (skeleton of the tyres), nylon threads (muscles), silica (flesh), carbon blacks (skin) etc.

The next thing is you should know is the size of your car tyres. You will find it on the sidewall of the tyre. It will constitute of three parts. For example if the size is 155/70 R 13, then 155 is the width of the tyre, 70 stands for 70% of 155 which is the height of the sidewall and then finally 13 which stands for the diameter in inches.

Each car can be fit with only a few sizes of tyres. The brand that you pick always depends on what you want from your tyres. While buying tyres you need to keep safety, car handling, fuel efficiency, comfort and tyre life in mind.

20130627_101842Which brings us to the next question, when is it time to change tyres. If the tread depth is below 1.66mm, it’s time to change your car tyres. If you want to check the tread depth pick up a one rupee coin and put it in between the tread , if you can see the entire word “INDIA” written on the outer cirle of the coin the it’s time for you to change tyres. The second thing is rubber life is only four years….if you haven’t changed tyres in the last four years, you are driving a tyre which is past its expiry date and can burst open at any time. A small tip when you are replacing tyres; always change in even numbers (2 or 4) unless you have broken a single tyre and are replacing it.

If you are in Tamilnadu and require tyres, you can contact XL Tyre Point. Just fill out the form below and their experts will get back to you. They will let you know which tyre is best suited for your car, which is best suited for your requirement, the pricing of the tyres etc. If required the tyres can be door delivered as well anywhere in Tamil Nadu.

For those of you, who are not in Tamil Nadu, just fill out the form and they will guide you with regards to the tyre and connect you to one of their partners in your state or city.

Since Athenastake.com is promoting XL Tyre Point you can be rest assured that you will not be charged a penny extra and when you get your car down to their counters, you will be given preference.

Looking for tyres……..just fill this form and submit it and we will get back to you asap.